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Exhibitors List

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Booth No. H209
Company Name DSIT Solutions Ltd.
Country Israel
CEO Benny Sela
Address 2 Rechavam Zeevi st.
TEL 972-3-531-3333
FAX 972-3-531-3322
E-mail marketing@dsit.co.il
Website http://www.dsit.co.il
Company Introduction DSIT provides sonar & acoustic solutions for naval, HLS and energy markets. Our Shield family of Diver Detection Sonars considered as a world leader, with fully automatic operation and excellence of performance. Other leading products:
1. Blackfish Hull Mounted Sonar - advanced ASW system - compact sonar with superior performance and minimal footprint on the vessel
2. Portable Acoustic Ranges (PAR)
3. SeaShield- Submarine Detection Sonar
4. Sonar simulators and Full Mission Submarine Trainers
Exhibits Items 1. Blackfish - Hull Mounted Sonar
2. AquaShield - Diver Detection Sonar
3. PointShield - Portable Diver Detection Sonar
4. PAR - Portable Acoustic Range
5. STT - Submarine Tactical Trainer
6. SeaShield™ - Submarine Detection Active Static Sonar
7. LightLine - Fiber-Optic Sensing solution
8. UASA - Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis system
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