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Booth No. D201
Country United Kingdom
Address ATLAS House, Dorset Innovation Park, Dorchester, DT2 8ZB
TEL 44-(0)1305 212400
E-mail enquiries@uk.atlas-elektronik.com
Website http://www.atlas-elektronik.com
Company Introduction ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK) is the leading provider of innovative technology in maritime defence. We combine blue-sky thinking with in-depth sector knowledge to deliver smarter capabilities and major systems, worldwide. Our cutting-edge solutions are underpinned by a proven export track record, and unrivalled heritage in R&D for surface and underwater capabilities from our time as the centre of excellence for the UK MoD.
Exhibits Items The ARCIMS Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is one of the most successful in-service Maritime Autonomous Mission Systems. It is the system of choice for several navies and is highly customisable for multiple mission roles including Minesweeping, Mine Hunting and Disposal and Coastal Surveillance and ASW, Hydrography, Maritime Security and Force Protection.
Electric Towed Array Handling Systems (eTAHS) has been designed and developed to provide an optimal solution adaptable for various platform configurations. The system comprises of modular sub systems utilising electric drive technology to minimize mass and volume, whilst also providing precise synchronous control between the elements and reducing the cost of maintenance through life. The system has been specifically designed to preserve the array sensor, whilst minimising platform power requirements.
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