Exhibitors List (MADEX 2021)

Exhibitor's Information

Booth No. H502
Company Name GDLsystem
Country Korea, South
CEO Joon-Hong Kwon
Address 187, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
TEL 82-42-336-7880
FAX 82-42-336-7887
E-mail jk@gdlsys.co.kr
Website http://www.gdlsys.co.kr
Company Introduction GDLsystem is a defense data link specialized company that has technology for command and control based on Korean Variable Message Format (KVMF) and provides command and control S/W of major weapons systems such as surveillance, command and control, strike system, and defense.
Look forward to the future of the small but strong company, GDLsystem.
Exhibits Items AI Convergence Coast Guard System
Implementation of perfect coastal and river bank Security System through the establishment of an intelligent coastal and river monitoring system based on artificial intelligence (AI) that links various surveillance equipment(video equipment, signal equipment) and control systems.
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