Exhibitors List (MADEX 2021)

Exhibitor's Information

Booth No. G401
Company Name Bay Industrial
Country Korea, South
CEO Chon Dong Gyu
Address 4F, 253 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea (04998)
TEL 82-25523121
FAX 82-25523787
E-mail boats@bayind.com
Website http://www.bayind.com
Company Introduction -World's Best Inflatable Boats Manufacturer
-Began manufacturing inflatable boats in 1986, produced over 550,000 boats
-has been supplying to leading boats companies like Mercury Inflatables, Zodiac Nautic,
Williams Jet Tenders, Defender, Arancia, Korea Navy, Kora Maritime Police, Korea Fire Service
and East Asia military
-Using the best quality raw materials and outstanding technologies of RTM, High Frequency,
Hot Air Sealing
-The New Launch : HDPE Rigid Buoyancy Boat
Exhibits Items - MP470 : New Super-Light floorboard system / Roll-up floorboard system
- A380 : Inshore rescue boat, only 35 seconds to full inflation
- HDPE RBB : Stronger, More Efficient, Eco-friendly Boat
- Propeller Guard
- Cylinder
- Self Righting Bag
- Seat : suspension boat seat system
Exhibits Photos