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2019 Overseas Navy Delegation List
Date 2019-09-25 Hit 2633
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   2019 Overseas Navy Delegation List (as of 14 October)
Country Rank Title 직책
Australia Director General Littoral 연안작전부장
Bangladesh ★★ Assitant Chief of Naval Staff(Material) 해군군수차장
Bolivia ★★ Chief of Staff 참모장
Cambodia ★★★ Deputy Commander 해군부사령관
China ★★ Second Commander of Northern Fleet 북해함대 부사령관
Colombia ★★★ Second Commander of the Navy 해군부사령관
Ecuador ??? ??? 국방무관
Egypt ★★ Commander of Northern Fleet 북해함대사령관
Indonesia ★★ Deputy Chief of  Naval Operations for Planning and 해군기획참모부장
Lebanon Commander, Lebanese Navy 해군사령관
Malaysia ★★ Inspector General 감찰감
Myanmar ★★★★ Commander in Chief 해군사령관
New Zealand ??? Commanding Officer, HMNZS Aotearoa HMNZS Aotearoa 함장
Peru ★★ Director of Naval Enlistment 해군인력획득부장
Philippines ??? Defence Attache 국방무관
Russia ??? Deputy Head of the Navy Shipbuilding Directorate 해군조함차장
Saudi Arabia ★★ Deputy Commander 해군부사령관
Sri Lanka ★★ Director General Services 해군근무지원부장
Thailand ★★★★ Senior Advisor, Royal Thai Navy 해군수석고문관
Turkey ??? Defence Attache 국방무관
UAE ★★★ TBD 미정
United Kingdom Commanding Officer RNAS Yeovilton Yeovilton 항공기지대장
Vietnam ★★ Deputy Commander 해군부사령관
Argentina Prefecto General(≒★★★) COAST GUARD 해경정보통신국장
   ※ This list is subject to change without notice. 
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