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Booth No. H202
Company Name Hunger Hydraulics Korea Co.,Ltd.
Country Korea, South
CEO SungWook Huh
Address 25, Noksansandan 289-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea. (46753) Busan Marine Offshore Equipment Association B/D. 3Floor.
TEL 82-972-7110
FAX 82-972-8110
E-mail info@hunger-hydraulics.co.kr
Website http://www.hunger-hydraulics.co.kr
Company Introduction Hunger Hydraulics Korea Ltd. is providing special coated cylinder able to applying to Optronic, Radar System and Anti-noise/Vibration Hydraulic power unit system /Drive control/Filtration/Clearance & Monitoring/Lighting & Camera system(for deep sea) to Defense Industry
We provide with products and knowledge based on your trust business partner.
Exhibits Items Special Coated Hydraulic Cylinder
Optronic, Radar System (Special sealing, ICE Wrap seal etc.)
Non-Magnetic, High Temperature Resistance Alloy material
Underwater Lighting and Camera & ROV system
Anti-Noise, Vibration hydraulics System
Gear Box etc.
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