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Naval Ship Technology & Weapon Systems Seminar

Part 1. Opening and Guest Lectures - 10. 26(Thu.) / Rm. 101, Convention Hall, Exhibition Center Ⅰ

Time Title Speaker
12:00~13:30 Reception
13:40~14:00 Opening Address CNO
Welcome Address President, SNAK
Felicitation President, DATQ
Prize Awarding for most valued treatise CNO
14:00~15:30 Lectures I
Developmental Direction of Submarine Propulsion KODEF Director of foreign cooperation
Moon, Keun-Sik
National Defense Maritime Unmanned System Development Plan Agency for Defense Development 6th center 3rd Director Dr. Kim, Chan-Gi
Developmental Direction of ship Industry and Tcchnic Society of Naval Achitects of Korea Vice-President Dr. Jung, Jung-Hun
15:30~15:50 Recess
15:50~17:20 Lectures II
Developmental Direction of Korean Damage Control System ROK Naval NFATE Group Technic Director Captain Hwang, In-Ha
Developmental Direction of Ship Quality Assurance DATQ Naval Sea System Center Head Principal Researcher Cho, Heung-Gi
Course of Action for Adapting Future Technology of 4th Industrial Wave to Operating Ships Naval Technology Research Institute President Park, Dong-Ki

Part 2. Thesis Presentation Sessions - 10. 27(Fri.)

Time Venue Title
09:00~15:20 Rm. 214 Session1 Ship Platform design/building/maintenance
10:20~16:00 Open Seminar Room I
09:00~16:00 Rm. 215 # Session2 Ship survivability/special function/damage control
10:00~16:00 Open Seminar Room II
09:00~15:20 Rm. 216 Session3 Embark system/equipment technology of Korea and of other nations
10:00~15:20 Open Seminar Room III
13:00~16:00 Rm. 217 Session4 Test & evaluation of surface weapons system
09:00~12:20 Session5 Developmental direction of new concept of surface weapons system
09:00~12:00 Rm. 218 Project Session Ⅰ Developmental direction of ship stealth ability
13:00~14:20 Project Session Ⅱ Developmental direction of next generation submarine

- # English - The schedule can be changed by the Organizer