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Booth No. D209
Company Name Griffon Hoverwork
Country United Kingdom
CEO Adrian Went
Address Griffon Hoverwork Merlin Quay, Hazel Road Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 7GB UK
TEL 44-2380686666
FAX 44-2380686686
E-mail sales@griffonhoverwork.com
Website http://www.griffonhoverwork.com
Company Introduction Griffon Hoverwork based in the UK is the world leader in the design and manufacture of hovercraft, with over 170 hovercraft operating in 41 countries. We offer pioneering new solutions, expert advice, training and consultancy.
Our proven hovercraft provide access to inaccessible remote and flood prone areas; capable of rapid transit of up to 45kts over land, water, mud, sand, swamps, rapids and other areas where conventional craft cannot operate.
We currently supply a large number of Coastguards, Navies and Marine Police in multiple roles including humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
Exhibits Items Griffon Hoverwork supply various Government organisations including Coast Guards, Navies and the Emergency Response sector. Griffon will be introducing their new versatile hovercraft range, the 995ED, 12000TD and 35000 FCAC these craft can be used for a number of tasks such as passenger transportation, medical response and military duties.
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