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Exhibitors List

Exhibitor's Information

Booth No. E301
Company Name Agency for Defense Development
Country Korea, South
Address Jinhae P.O.Box 18, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gueongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea 51678
TEL 82-546-7151
FAX 82-542-3737
E-mail benjamin8456@add.re.kr
Website http://add.re.kr
Company Introduction Agency of Defense Development is the cornerstone of Korea’s defense and has built the framework of self-reliant national defense. Now as a world-class defense R&D center, ADD continues to expand the way of protecting our nation.
Exhibits Items ㅇ Major weapon systems developed by the ADD
- Underwater Guided Weapon Systems
- Underwater Detection/Surveillance Systems
- Submarine/Unmanned Maritime System
- Naval Combat Systems
ㅇ Core Technology
- Underwater target detection using an airborne LIDAR
- New Ternary Single Crystal Transducer Technology
- Supercavitator Design Technology
- Multi Mission Unmanned Surface Vehicle Technology
- Camouflage technology of acoustic signature for underwater vehicle
- Technology of active Towed Array Sonar System
- Small UAV Target Sound detection Technology
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