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Technical Seminar

10. 24(Tue.)~26(Thu.) / On-site Seminar Room in the Exhibition Hall

Date Time Subject Company/Speaker
10. 24 13:00~13:50 The Technology & Application of Laser Marking, Cutting and soldering System for Marine Military Manufacturing Industry Alpha Global /
CEO Suuny Kim
14:00~14:50 The System & Technology for Water Cleaning of PCB Module & Package for Marine Military Manufacturing Industry
15:00~15:50 The Technology & Application for Laser, Selective & Robot Soldering System for Marine Military Manufacturing Industry
10. 25 11:00~12:00 US Goverment Certified Risk Assessment Solution AVERT ExleetEdge Inc.
CEO Kwon, Hyeong Ahn
14:00~15:00 [Session1] Case study of ocean monitoring through USV ‘Wave Glider’ with multiple application Oceantech Co., /
Director of Sales & Engineering
Felix Heo
[Session2] # Raising the Bar for Ocean Operations: Liquid Robotics’ Next Generation Wave Glider Liquid Robotics,
A boeing company /

Technical Sales Manager
Matthew Depetro
15:30~16:30 # Elbit Systems Presentation Elbit Systems Ltd. /
Mr. Amir Alon
10. 26 14:00~15:00 Advanced navigational solutions for shipping industry from Nautisk KESTI, Inc. /
CEO Jason Joh
15:30~16:30 COBHAM SAILOR Product Introduction JAEUN CORPORATION /
Sales Manager PARK,

10. 25(Wed.) / Rm. 214, Meeting Room, Exhibition Center Ⅰ

Date Time Subject Company/Speaker
10. 25 14:00~16:00 Marine Jet Power – A Frontrunner in Waterjet Propulsion / Marine Jet Power Korea Opening Ceremony Marine Jet Power /
CEO Magnus Sörenson

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